Donations during a General Election.

Any donation over £50 must be recorded with either:

  • the donor’s name and address.


  • if the donor is a company, their registered company number.

Who can Donate?

I must only accept donations from a permissible source.

A permissible source is:

  • an individual registered on a UK electoral register, including overseas electors
  • a Great Britain registered political party
  • a Northern Ireland registered political party (only if you are standing for election in Northern Ireland)
  • most UK registered companies
  • a UK-registered trade union
  • a UK-registered building society
  • a UK-registered limited liability partnership (LLP) that carries on business in the UK
  • a UK-registered friendly society
  • a UK-based unincorporated association that is based in and carries on business or other activities in the UK

The rules on these donations are complicated,

so please get in touch with us for more information if you are unclear.