Timeline for helping Subpostmasters

If Parliament have just woken up to the #postofficescandal because of the ITV program you have to wonder why they kept their eyes shut for so long…

Here’s a thread of just some of my actions, there have been many more and many others have been campaigning for a lot longer!

26th February 2020 – I asked then Prime Minister Boris Johnson to launch an independent review into the postoffice and Horizon scandal – surprisingly he agreed.

4th March – my constituent Chris Head and I handed in a petition to number 10 asking for a full public enquiry to clear peoples names.

9th March 2020 – I followed up with a letter to Boris

June 2020 I highlighted that we were still waiting for a response from Boris July 2020 I asked the then Minister Paul Scully if we could have a judge led public enquiry

October 2020 – asking the then Minister Paul Scully if the inquiry will have full statutory powers and hear evidence from #subpostmasters to get ensure proper justice is served

March 2021 – asking the then Minister Paul Scully why the 555 are not included in the historical shortfall scheme – meaning subpostmasters after costs received no compensation. The Minister said the members of the group litigation received full and final settlement

April 2021 – I again asked the then Minister Paul Scully how it is fair that constituents like mine @chrish9070 have been left with nothing after court costs and asking that justice must be served calling for an end to the two tiers of justice.

January 2022 I coordinated a letter with 93 MPs agreeing to sign asking the secretary of state @KwasiKwarteng to look into the external reports on Horizon and ensure the 555 got the justice and compensation they were entitled to

Tabled an Early Day motion (822) on the post office horizon compensation scheme – signed by 137 MPs calling for all victims to get full redress and for the Post Office to be held to account.

Oct 2022 Met with Minister Dean Russell and asked in the chamber for him to pause and review all contracts to Fujitsu – an apology is not enough

Oct 2022 – again called on the Govt to review all contracts with this appalling company

Dec 2022 – highlighted the new compensation scheme did not address any of the concerns I had raised and theory were still awarding multi million pound contracts to Fujitsu…

Jan 2023 – highlighted Horizon scandal again in the chamber. May 2023 called in parliament for the compensation scheme to be expedited and highlighted the scandal of Fujitsu still getting money and the Post Office’s racist vilification of subpostmasters

July 2023 called for the Post Office board to be sacked and Fujitsu to be held to account

Right up to date and over the last few days I have spoken to ministers, asked written questions, asked a question in the chamber and laid an Early Day Motion.

I will not stop until my constituent @chrish9070 and all the subpostmasters receive justice, Fujitsu and the Post Office are held to account and all the Govt apologise for the barriers they have put in place. #PostOfficeScandal