Kate Osborne MP wins changes on equality of access to IVF in Parliamentary debate.

Jarrow MP Kate Osborne led a debate in Parliament today (24/10/23) on IVF provision and called on the Government and NHS England to immediately end the discrimination in IVF provision facing LGBTQ+ couples. 

Ahead of the debate, Osborne hosted a drop in session – joined by campaigners including Stonewall, What Wegan Did Next, LGBT Mummies, Two Dads UK and Stonewall – each sharing devastating accounts of LGBTQ+ people giving up on their dream to become parents because they have ran out of money as LGBTQ+ people are being priced out of having a family.

Osborne raised discriminatory policies, a postcode lottery in provision, couples spending tens of thousands on treatment and many other issues with the current Gov policies and Nice guidelines.

She also highlighted the Government’s commitment to deal with this inequality is more than a year old.

The Government and NHS England have responded with a ten year strategy to tackle the issues raised, Osborne and other MPs present at the debate argued that most women cannot wait 10 years for the rules to change – calling for urgent action from Ministers. 

Responding to the debate Maria Caulfield Minister for Women Health and Mental Health committed to bringing forward secondary legislation to remove discrimination in LGBTQ couples living with HIV, to removing the requirement for screening costs for LGBTQ+ couples and to producing guidelines imminently to remove all additional financial barriers to same sex couples.

Following the debate Osborne said: 

“I’m really pleased that in today’s debate the minister finally committed to changing laws that discriminate against people living with HIV.

“The Minister also recommitted to remove screening costs and all the additional financial barriers for same sex couples.

“This will mean the end of the “Gay tax” for LGBTQ+ couples that want to start a family.

“I will be monitoring the situation closely and ensuring the Government quickly keep this promise.

“It is unacceptable that LGBTQ+ couples looking to start a family are left at the mercy of an unequal postcode lottery for fertility services.”

The National AIDS Trust said:

Thanks to Kate Osborne MP for mentioning this issue today and to all our allies for their consistent support on this issue. 

We look forward to seeing this finally become a reality!




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