Kate Osborne MP for Jarrow constituency raises concerns about foul smell coming from Wardley Biogas Plant.

Jarrow MP Kate Osborne has written to the Environment Agency North East and Leader of Gateshead Council, Cllr Martin Gannon to raise concerns about a foul smell emitting from Wardley Biogas Plant as well as contacting the plant itself to demand an explanation.

Kate Osborne said: ‘I’ve been contacted by numerous constituents raising serious concerns about the foul odour coming from the Biogas Plant based in Follingsby Park in my constituency. 

Constituents are reporting that they cannot open their windows, enjoy their gardens or do any outdoor activities due to the smell being so strong. This is happening on a daily basis and as well as the impact every day, there are concerns about exactly what it is they are breathing in and any long term health impact.

BioConstruct, the company who owns this plant, were fined earlier this year for releasing unregulated gases into the air affecting local residents – it is unacceptable that this plant continues to be such a problem for the local community.

I have asked them all to update me urgently on the situation.”



Link to Kate’s letters to Gateshead Council and Environment Agency North East https://twitter.com/KateOsborneMP/status/1678361762326884352?t=EeZiKkkfr5VoZQpvmckHJQ&s=19 

Link to Kate’s letter to BioConstruct New Energy https://twitter.com/KateOsborneMP/status/1678418925724356610?s=20 

South Tyneside magistrates court heard that BioConstruct New Energy’s plant at Wardley Colliery released unregulated gases into the air, affecting local residents – link to story: