Kate Osborne MP demands an investigation into the gross mismanagement of Royal Mail and Ministers take action to secure the future of this vital service.

Kate Osborne MP has secured a 90 minute long debate in parliament on the future of Royal Mail and will demand the government retain the six-day-a-week postal service that Royal Mail are currently obligated to deliver.

The Jarrow MP will lead the debate in parliament tomorrow (12 January) on Royal Mail’s drive to run down the service it is providing and eventually scrap its Universal Service Obligation (USO).

Ahead of the debate, Kate Osborne, a Royal Mail employee of 25 years, has met with Royal Mail, businesses, community groups and trade unions to discuss the future of this national treasure and to set out her arguments on why it is vital to secure the service’s future.

Speaking ahead of the Westminster Hall debate, Kate Osborne, said:

“The future of Royal Mail and the Universal Service Obligation is important to all of us. It is a beloved national institution vital for our communities, for small and large businesses, for local groups and for our economy as a whole. 

“Despite taking record breaking profits of £758 Million in 2021 and paying £547 Million to shareholders – Royal Mail are seeking to cut jobs and services – they are trying to asset strip our postal services and turn themselves into a gig economy style parcel courier. 

“This will have a negative impact on our communities, business and our economy as a whole.

“For many in rural communities, particularly the elderly, our posties are a lifeline. Nowhere was this more evident than during the pandemic when posties were often the only contact those living alone had.

“Ahead of this debate, I have met with Royal Mail, with the trade unions and with business organisations, including the Professional Publishers’ Association, who told me of the impact of reducing deliveries to five days will have on members’ business models.

“Well-managed, Royal Mail can have a vibrant future. It is not being well managed. The Government has options to ensure our service remains and I hope that this debate will open Ministers eyes to the huge consequences if the current management team at Royal Mail are allowed to succeed in their plans to destroy the USO and break up Royal Mail.

“After so many years of service to Royal Mail, I am proud, though not pleased, to be standing up in parliament to defend the USO and Royal Mail’s loyal workforce.”




Royal Mail is responsible for delivering the ‘one-price-goes-anywhere’ USO on letters and parcels to 32 million addresses across the country, six-days-a-week, as enshrined under the Postal Services Act 2011. 

But the company, which made record-breaking profits of £758 million in 2021 – £547m of which was promptly paid to shareholders – claims the cut in the service to five days – excluding Saturdays – is needed to stem financial losses. 

Kates previous PMQ https://twitter.com/KateOsborneMP/status/1582706811504713729?s=20&t=faRAzPaZMbDKQD1qIW_9rA 

Kate’s letter to Royal Mail


Link to watch the WH debate https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/de6d47db-32ff-4255-b334-2d71b7eb506b