Statement on today’s announcement of the new Prime Minister

Today we are finally seeing the back of a law-breaking scandal ridden Prime Minister.

Johnson has left the country in a state of crisis, with the majority living in fuel poverty, spiraling inflation, widening regional inequality, sewage pumped into our waterways and our NHS on it’s knees.

We sorely need a leader who can get a grip of the big issues – yet Liz Truss’s record does not inspire confidence.

It was Truss who cut millions from the Environment Agency’s budget

Truss who is threatening to set a bonfire to workers rights and impose pay cuts.

Truss promising to hand billions more to energy companies – companies that have already earned 170 billion in excess profits, telling the BBC these tax cuts for the richest are fair.

Truss as Minister for Women & Equalities who oversaw the clock being turned back on gender equality and instead of tackling inequalities declared a war on woke.

Truss for the last 12 years has been part of the erosion of our living standards, with the Conservative ethos of profit good, public services bad.

The Conservatives will try to spin Truss’s Premiership as a new chapter – yet no page has been turned.

If the Conservatives are so sure that Truss is the right choice as leader of our country, they should put it to the people and let the electorate decide – because I have no doubt that the next Tory Government will be no better than the last.