We should freeze bills not people, saving households £1K this winter by freezing the energy cap

Read Kate’s latest column for the Shields Gazette:

Next week the House of Commons returns from its summer recess with a new prime minister to be announced – but as the two candidates have made clear we should expect more of the same callous disregard of our communities.

I have spent the summer recess touring our Jarrow constituency with visits to communities, businesses and charities and throughout August holding summer roadshow drop-in events ensuring I spoke to every area from Pelaw and Leam Lane in Gateshead to Jarrow, Hebburn, Cleadon and Boldon.

 After a difficult couple of years through the pandemic, to be able to spend the entire summer out and about in our wonderful constituency felt like a real pleasure, meeting so many constituents in every ward of the constituency and to talk about so many important issues. 

Going back to parliament we will finally see the back of the current incompetent Prime Minister, leaving after a disastrous two-and-a-half years in Downing Street his callous government deliberately failing to take any action on the cost of living crisis. Now we have 50% of families and 75% of older people at risk of being pushed into fuel poverty – and an ever increasing number of working families left with no option but to turn to their local food bank just to put food on the table, or to clothe their children. People are scared of how they are going to cope, how they are going to continue – and as I heard at Hebburn Helps – those that used to donate to the foodbank are now reliant on it themselves.

With the announcement of the new Prime Minister on Monday you would hope that there would be a change in direction – yet neither Sunak or Truss have indicated they will take action to help struggling families – Truss has specifically ruled out any further payments. 

This week, we heard that the energy companies are going to make £170 Billion in excess profits. Proving once again that if left unchecked, private companies will continue to take immoral amounts in profit whilst working people are left unable to heat their homes, pay the bills or feed their families.

Enough is enough – we must stop people making profit at our expense – we need a windfall tax, a wealth tax, and to nationalise our essential services.

Labour would take action immediately to freeze bills not people and save households £1,000 this winter by freezing the energy price cap.

I am looking forward to the resumption of Parliament next week and to continue to take this shameful Government to task over their inexplicable running of this country – whoever the new Prime Minister is.

My work here in the constituency will continue as always I will champion our community and support everyone who lives here so do get in touch via [email protected] if you need any help, assistance or support or would like me to visit your business/community and follow on socials @kateosborneMP