Kate Osborne MP announces summer tour

Jarrow MP Kate Osborne is launching a summer initiative to engage with as many people in the Jarrow constituency as possible over the next couple of months.

Plans include a summer survey as well as visits across the constituency, a roadshow in August, with a drop-in session being hosted in each of the ten wards within the Jarrow constituency.

At a time when many constituents are facing a number of problems from coping with the impact of the pandemic, to the drastic increase in food and energy bill costs, to issues with accessing NHS services and a host of other issues causing people concerns, it is even more important for people to know there is somewhere they can turn for advice and support as well as having their voice heard when Kate raises their concerns in Parliament.

The drop-in sessions will give Jarrow constituents to speak with Kate and her team as well as an opportunity to fill in the Summer Survey and share what their priorities are, both locally and nationally.

Each session will also give residents the chance to pick up some advice leaflets from local charities as well as both Gateshead and South Tyneside Council’s.

Kate Osborne MP said: “Over the recess, I think it is so important as an MP to get out around the constituency as much as I can.

People are under enormous pressure with a cost of living crisis and every day pressures and I am determined to ensure people know I am on their side.

The gap in regional inequality has widened and we see more families pushed into poverty every month – the Tories don’t care if families & towns in the North are struggling – they’re preoccupied with leadership campaigns & empty slogans

I will focus on supporting constituents across South Tyneside and Gateshead throughout the summer.

I’ve also launched my Summer Survey as I want to hear from constituents what their priorities are going forward so I can ensure that I am best representing Jarrow constituents’ priorities when Parliament returns.”

“I hope to see as many constituents as possible over the summer recess so if you can, come along to the drop-in for your ward and have a chat with us!”

Click here to fill in Kate’s Summer Survey!