Vote deals a hammer blow to Johnson’s chances of survival

THIS week in Parliament has been dominated by Conservative infighting and the confidence vote in Boris Johnson with 42% of Tory MPs saying they had no confidence in the Prime Minister – yet whilst this leaves Boris clinging onto his job, ordinary people are suffering from this Government’s failures.

It is clear Johnson is haemorrhaging support by the day, from his own MPs and the voters of this country, leaving it a matter of when, not if, he departs Downing Street. 

The size of the rebellion – 148 or 42% of his own party’s MPs – is even worse than the one suffered by his predecessor Theresa May – who was out of the door just six months later.        

Politically, it is a disastrous result that deals a hammer blow to his chances of survival. 

With two potentially disastrous by-elections to face in Wakefield and Tiverton in two weeks, and the Privileges Committee carrying out its own inquiry into whether he misled MPs over Partygate, things are likely to get worse for Boris Johnson.

If he had an ounce of self-respect then he would resign. But he won’t.  No matter what he’s done, you’ll have to drag him out of Number 10 kicking and screaming or chained to the Downing Street railings to get him to give up the PM’s chair on his own accord. He has proven time and again he cares little for rules or for the people of Jarrow or the rest of the country. 

People are angry and rightly so. 

Boris Johnson has lied to Parliament. He has partied in Downing Street whilst people died and has descended from one disaster to the next.

He has overseen a torn, divided country that has been eroded away by a programme of brutal austerity under his government.

His Government’s failure to tackle the cost of living crisis, to deal with those that made obscene levels of profit through the pandemic and their failure to provide enough financial support throughout their time in power has led to so many people – many of whom are working – being left with no choice but to use a food bank because they simply cannot afford to make ends meet.

Boris laughably named this week Health Week – yet his Government’s actions are failing the NHS and all of us, with Accident and Emergency and cancer care waiting times soaring, GP numbers dramatically falling & the NHS struggling under the weight of 6.36million people waiting for routine procedures on top of a workforce crisis with hundreds of thousands of vacant posts and a recruitment crisis.

The brutal truth is the Tories have run our country into the ground.

Cuts to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit, rises to national insurance and conditions at work the list goes on. 

Public services have been starved of the finances they desperately need. It is appalling that South Tyneside Council and Gateshead Council have had over half of their funding cut by this Government over the past 12 years which is everything you need to know about the Tories and their intentions for this area.     

Johnson’s hollow victory in Parliament was a dreadful win and far from the decisive victory he proclaims.

Our country will continue to suffer every day he remains in power because he is far and away the worst political leader in recent times.