Universal Credit cut by £20 per week

From yesterday (6th of October 2021) almost six million benefit claimants across the UK had their Universal Credit payment cut by £20-a-week.

Alongside many Labour colleagues from across the UK, I am proud to have campaigned against this cruel cut and have called on Boris Johnson and his party to do the right thing by u-turning this despicable decision, consolidating the problematic effects of this cut.

Stated below is the standard monthly allowance following the 6th of October:


Until the 6th October 2021

6th October onwards

Single under 25



Single over 25



Couple under 25



Couple, one or both over 25



Each group listed above will lose £86.67 a month, a substantial amount of money which will no longer aid paying for household bills such as heating, electricity, and groceries. Ultimately £1040.04 has been taken away per year. The furlough scheme came to an end on the 30th September 2021 introducing uncertainty in businesses minimising their optimism to hire new staff and a potential rise in unemployment as businesses may not bounce back after the brunt of the pandemic leaving them unable to pay wages. Moreover, those unemployed will evidently struggle as they no longer have the support and certainty furlough provided and because of the callous universal credit cut.

What lengths will the Conservatives go to, to continue to alienate those who need help the most?

This is not Building Back Better. It is a hammer blow to working families who are struggling financially up and down this country.


(with special thanks to Emily Martin)