People have gone above and beyond to help each other

Angie Comerford and Jo Durkin (R) of Hebburn Helps.

It seems every aspect of our lives has changed in some way, particularly the things we often take for granted.

From going to school, to having a medical appointment, from the weekly shop, to using public transport, the coronavirus pandemic means that the past 12 months will be one which we will never forget.

The pandemic has gone to reiterate what all of us already knew. That our public sector workers make a unique contribution to the running of our country, and are there for us even in the most challenging of times.

Last Saturday I visited the brilliant team at The Glen Covid Vaccine Centre in Hebburn, to see for myself the well-organised and friendly way that the vaccinations are being carried out.

I can’t speak highly enough about those on the frontline who are keeping our country running, from everyone in our NHS and Social Care staff to the Emergency Services, Shop and Postal Workers, Police Officers, Teachers, Supermarket staff, and many more. Each and every one of those workers deserve our thanks and our gratitude.

The past year has thrown up some true heroes who have kept our communities working and kept it moving during these tough times.

Right now, food bank volunteers are on the front-line helping families during the pandemic, working around the clock to deliver food parcels to local people and their families who are in desperate need of help.

People have really gone above and beyond to support each other during these exceptionally challenging times.

Of course, in this day and age food banks should not be needed. However, I can’t praise highly enough the selfless people who work, and generously donate to our foodbanks across the Boroughs. People such as Jo Durkin and Angie Comerford from one of our wonderful local food banks, Hebburn Helps, Tracy Beaton at Bede’s Helping Hands at the Former Primrose Library in Glasgow Road, and the volunteers at Boldon Community Association, Gateshead Foodbank, Key 2 Life, and Hospitality and Hope, who regularly deliver food parcels in this area to ensure food is available for those who help the most.

And there is also Pub Landlord Lee Hughes, from the Red Hackle, and Nico, a local shopkeeper on the Scotch Estate in Jarrow, who have also gone above and beyond through these difficult times to help others.

The examples of these selfless people have shown that community spirit continues to thrive.

It’s truly inspiring that people are helping their neighbours, their friends, and their families, by making such a big difference and bringing a smile to someone’s face.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has played a part in supporting our communities and will continue to do so in these difficult weeks ahead.

Creating food parcels for vulnerable members of the community, making PPE equipment, and fundraising to support others, are just a small part of many acts of kindness.

As always if you need any assistance from me or my team please contact me at [email protected] or call 0191 466 1509 and I will do everything I can to help.